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Here’s what’s inside:

#1: 100+ IFRS Video Lectures

First, let me explain you the rules first.

I make all the things clear, straight, practical and funny at the same time, so that you can grab these rules and apply them in your job.

You get 1-year access to all the lectures and you can re-watch each lecture as many times as you wish.

For the full list of topics covered up to date, please click here to explore the IFRS Kit Program Tour.

#2: 130+ Case Studies in Excel

After you learn the rules with me, we’ll dive in the examples, or case studies.

You can track my mouse cursor to show you WHAT I do, HOW I do it and I tell you WHY I do it.

You can download all Excel files with these case studies, explore the formulas and journal entries and use them as the reference for your own tasks or when preparing for exam.

#3: 170+ Pages of Handouts

Some of us like to take notes when learning, or refresh their memories a bit later.

Therefore, you can download all handouts from all the lectures, print them and use as you like.

#4: IFRS Quizzes

Test your IFRS knowledge with our IFRS quizzes!

Quizzes contain hundreds of questions, with correct answers and their explanations when needed, so that you can support your active learning and gain even greater confidence in your IFRS skills.

Bonus #1: IFRS In 1 Day

Get started your IFRS learning really FAST!

The e-book of 100 pages leads you through the basic IFRS rules so that you can skip reading tons of other materials and dive in IFRS very quickly.

You can also access 10 simple case studies illustrating the basics.

Bonus #2: How to Make IFRS Financial Statements

If you’re getting ready for IFRS implementation, or you just need to know how to convert your local accounts to IFRS, then this course is for you.

You’ll learn exact steps to make starting with your own trial balances to drafting IFRS financial statements.

You’ll learn how to make IFRS adjustments, how to prepare your first opening IFRS statement of financial position, how to account for deferred tax from IFRS adjustments and many more.

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying About The IFRS Kit:

“I had a limited accounting knowledge, but the IFRS Kit helped me to pass the Australian CPA exam. Silvia is really helpful. Thanks!”
— Rajesh, Australia
“I was an unemployed accountant, so I decided to learn IFRS with the IFRS Kit. After 2 months I found a new job because I impressed people with my IFRS skills. Cannot thank you enough!”
— Mark, Ireland
“I work as a CFO and I’m too busy. But I use the IFRS Kit as my online IFRS library and I just find the most of my answers there, immediately when I need them. Very convenient. Worth every cent I paid!”
— Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

Created by Top IFRS Expert

I’m Silvia Mahutova, FCCA, the founder of IFRSbox. I’ve been working in IFRS consulting, auditing and teaching for over 15 years.

During that time I came across numerous IFRS issues, solved many IFRS problems and helped my clients to implement IFRS into their system and transfer their reporting smoothly to IFRS.

Within past 5 years, I’ve written many IFRS articles, produced many IFRS videos and helped many students pass their exams or solve their difficult accounting issues.

This website became very popular quickly, so I turned all my knowledge toward helping people make IFRS simple and easy to understand.

So if you’d like to study and grow with me, take action now and subscribe to my IFRS Kit by clicking the button below:

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Summary of What You Will Get

  • 100+ IFRS Videos
  • 130+ Case Studies Solved in Excel
  • 170+ Pages of Handouts
  • IFRS Quizzes with Hundreds of Questions
  • Bonus #1: E-book + 10 Case Studies “The IFRS In 1 Day”
  • Bonus #2: Training “How to Make IFRS Financial Statements”

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • What specifically will I learn from this course?

    Please, download the IFRS Kit Program Tour by clicking here. You’ll find detailed specification of all topics covered. New topics are added regularly and therefore, the IFRS Kit Program Tour is updated time-to-time.

  • What if I don’t understand something?

    Not a problem, I’m here to help. Just use our contact form to write me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you. But please be aware that your question needs to relate to the material covered by the IFRS Kit and be as specific as possible.

  • Will I pass my exam with the IFRS Kit?

    It’s up to you. I give you one of the best resources for the successful pass, but it’s your responsibility to utilize it to the maximum. The chances are that you will pass. My past students did it, even with no previous accounting knowledge.

  • Do I need to have some previous knowledge to subscribe to the IFRS Kit?

    No IFRS knowledge is required, but you should understand what debit/credit mean and have some basic accounting knowledge.

    The courses are for anybody who wants to learn IFRS. All CFOs, accountants, controllers, accounting/finance students, teachers, professors and any other interested parties will benefit from both courses.

    The IFRS In 1 Day is suitable also for non-accountants who need to be aware and knowledgeable what IFRS means and what the main principles are.

  • How will I access the course?

    After you make a purchase with PayPal, you’ll receive the e-mail “Complete your registration” to your address. You should fill in all the details and then you’ll receive another e-mail confirming your successful registration.

    Then you just visit http://www.ifrsbox.com/account and you log in with your selected username and password. You can watch all the videos online (you need to have Flash player installed).

    If you don’t receive any e-mail from us shortly after your purchase, please contact us.

    If you opt to pay with FastSpring, then we will create an account for you within 12 hours from your purchase.

  • Is it safe to pay on your website?

    Yes, absolutely. Once you click “Get Instant Access” button, you will be transferred to either PayPal or FastSpring, which are both well-known reliable payment gates. We don’t see any of your payment details except for your name and e-mail address.

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