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If you’re looking to kick off your IFRS learning, then I recommend getting started with some basic information about what it actually is and how it impacts the financial world.

I have prepared the following free resources for you:

1. Get our free report “Top 7 IFRS Mistakes” by subscribing to IFRSbox

As I always put my e-mail subscribers first, you’ll get the access to the free IFRS report “Top 7 IFRS Mistakes”..

I wrote this report to highlight the areas in which the companies make most IFRS errors and it comes from my own experience. I only reserve this to my readers.

You’ll also receive 3 sample IFRS lessons right to your inbox to show you how you can learn IFRS effectively and free of any stress, a few seconds after subscribing.

Please, don’t forget to look to your inbox and confirm the registration link in the e-mail I sent you after entering your e-mail address. Sometimes, silly robots put my e-mails to spam, so if you don’t receive the confirmation e-mail, please try to look to your spam folder.

2. Other resources

If you are serious about your IFRS skills and knowledge, then I’d like to bring my IFRS course to your attention.

It is not free, but I did my best in order to make sure that your investment into your IFRS knowledge really PAYS OFF!

So what’s in the course:

The IFRS Kit

Whether you need to start from scratch with the basics, or you have already got a solid skills, but you need to bring your IFRS knowledge to a professional level, then the IFRS Kit is a good choice.

The material in this course shows you more than 130 real-life situations and their solutions. I give you valuable video lectures, illustrative examples, excel spreadsheets and other bonus materials for your convenient studies.

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