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Financial Statement




In this course you will learn to apply financial analysis tools on real-life case studies, from simple analysis to advanced interpretation of complex financial statements.

The skill to link the financial strategy to the other strategies of the firm is essential in any analysis and it helps uncover weaknesses and strengths of the organisation. From the numbers we are led to the activities and to the weak points on the value chain.

In applying ratio analysis, each ratio is covered in detail to understand how it can best serve the analyst; and then, it is related to other ratios, to complete the picture of the transactions and to identify weak points in the performance of the firm.

Skills are developed to help reduce the apparent complexity of financial statements and extract the information you specifically need.

In reviewing the financial statements, participants require a good understanding of creative accounting and this is a major part of the programme.


Professionals like bank credit officers, analysts, auditors, accountants, tax consultants, internal auditors, with at least basic knowledge of accounting principles and concepts who require analytical tools and skills to apply in real life
on simple and complex financial statements.

 Module #1 

Analysing Financial Statements
10 CPD units

Learn the different ways to analyze financial statements, including tools like common size analysis, vertical analysis, ratio analysis, trend analysis, etc.

 Module #2 

Application of Financial Statement Analysis
10 CPD units

Apply analytical tools to more complex real-life cases that require further tools and skills.

Motivating examples, Test Your Knowledge Questions, small case studies

Compartmentalised, top-quality training that you can access from wherever you are

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